Saturday, May 31, 2008

Etsy Kitchen Finds

Etsy, the site for all things handmade, is one of my newest vices. So far I've bought a necklace (for myself) a tutu (for my niece), and I've also received some bath goodies there as part of Tara's Bloggy Giveaway. Did I mention that I only started shopping at Etsy two months ago? I'm a bit obsessed. In order to save my own bank account, I'm offering you some reasons to do some damage to your own -- sorry.

I wanted to share with you some Etsy kitchen items that caught my eye today. Some are cheap, some are pricy -- but they're all handmade, and all, I think, eye-catching. Click on the images to read more about them.

It's vintage, and it's only $5. And aren't high-waisted skirts all the rage right now?

There's something about this apron's colourful, summery pattern. Bonus: it's reversible.

Full disclosure: it's $75. But it's also probably the cutest cake plate I've ever seen. A girl can dream, can't she?

11 of these brightly coloured recipe cards for $3.

This stamp would be perfect for anyone who makes a lot of edible gifts.


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